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Forget, for a moment, that you are behind the wheel of a Ferrari, and one of the best mid-engined road Ferrari in history at that. Forget the scenery surrounding Aston Workshop, which is beautiful. Forget the speed, which is, frankly, excessive, forget the white van ahead of you, and take a moment to listen.

The sound directly behind you is a flat-crank, forty-valve, V8 spinning at over eight thousand revs per minute. Not a traditional V8 muscular sound. It isn’t smooth, and it isn’t melodious, but it is absolutely compelling. There is nothing else like it.

Other cars offer the looks, the performance, even the prestige, but none offer that sound.

The F355 is without doubt one of the greatest modern Ferraris, offering just the right balance of technology, character and everyday usability.

This particular LHD model in stunning Giallo Fly with Black Hide was delivered to its first guardian in Marseille, Feb '96.

Ferrari's classic 6 speed, gated transmission is the centrepiece for the traditionally purposeful interior. The whole package is as stunning today as it was when that lucky sole first took delivery on that crisp winter morning in the South of France.

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