Car Barn Drivers Club Event - August 2022 - Driven Up The Wall

Our fifth Car Barn Drivers Club event "Driven up the Wall" was our August driving event. 

Instead of our usual evening gathering, we took part in the Hadrian's Wall 1900 Festival Tour on Sunday 7th August 2022. 

Hexham & District Motor Club hosted the Roman 1900 Festival Tour which covered approximately 130 miles, and featured the upper reaches of the River Tyne and parts of the North Pennines. The event was an un-timed rally, seeing various types of roads from tarmac to dirt. 

The Tour started with breakfast from 8am at The Sill National Discovery Centre, where entrants were given easy to follow route instructions, and it ended at the Twice Brewed Pub where food and refreshments were provided. 

Our single car entry was Car Barn's own track-ready 2003 Noble M12 GTO. The mid mounted twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine produces 352bhp, in a car weighing only 1050kg, whilst also sounding the part. Our Noble is also fitted with the limited slip differential as seen in the 3R.

Our Noble was also liveried with the Car Barn Driver's club logos, in order to make an already standout car even more individual!

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