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Series 1 Land Rover's travel to the States 23 November 2020

Our 1949 Land Rover Series 1 and 1950 Land Rover Series 1 80” have found a new home across the pond in Los Angeles, USA. 

Both Series 1’s were valuable collector items and were much sought after by the classic car community. The rare ’49 Land Rover Series 1 was one of the earliest models, this particular vehicle has its headlights behind the grill giving it a distinct look. 

The other Series 1, the 1950 Land Rover Series 1 80” had a full ground-up nut and bolt restoration courtesy of the Aston Workshop team. The chassis was entirely reconstructed, using new metal to exact the original standards. This restoration has also improved the overall quality and longevity over the original vehicle when it left the factory.

Making the long trip to the states, Car Barn has extensive experience in the transportation of such valuable automobiles. We’re organising the transportation of the vehicles to Southampton, UK, then the Land Rover's will be in the hands of the new owners as they make the long trip across the pond. 

History of the Series 1

The production of the Series 1 began in 1948 and was built with a steel box-section chassis and an aluminium body. The use of aluminium was to get around the post-war scarcity of steel and make use of the plentiful, war-surplus Brimabright aluminium. 

Launched with a 1595cc, 50BHP four-cylinder Rover engine it could produce 80lb-ft of torque. The earliest cars were permanently four-wheel drive, had leaf-sprung suspension and cost only £450.   

In 1954, the factory in Solihull, West Midlands made its 100,000th Land Rover and by the time it was replaced in 1958, nearly 200,000th were made.

Buying or selling...

If you’re interested in buying or selling a Land Rover Series 1, please get in contact with us today. 

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