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1936 Rapier Restoration Journey 11 January 2021

At Car Barn we are known for restoring beautiful classic cars, within our workshop our team have been restoring a 1936 Rapier 10HP Tourer which was previously owned by Lord Harlech and was at auction from Bonhams.

How Car Barn restored a classic?

Originally the owner wanted the 36’ Rapier to just drive safely and to maintain its originality. Upon further inspection the Car Barn team notified the owner that this car would require a partial restoration if they wanted it to be roadworthy and keep its originality.

Firstly we stripped all of the body and interior from the car to examine the damage. We removed the engine, the gearbox, the axles, the braking system, the suspension, the steering and pretty much all the removable components from the chassis which were assessed for damage, cleaned and painted (if necessary).

The engine, gearbox and rear axle were not overhauled as requested by the customer. While the body was removed we stripped the chassis, had it painted and then rebuilt it (every nut and bolt). The engine, gearbox and other components were refitted to create a rolling chassis.

The original body was then temporarily re-fitted and it was sent away to a coach-builder to have the new body/framework built. The dashboard was not replaced to maintain originality and then was repaired. We received the car back with the new body and we then had it painted. We then had the interior re-trimmed which involved re-producing all the interior panels and some additional framework.

Since the car returned from the paint shop, the team have fitted a new wiring harness, all new fuel pipework and braking system overhauled. We have carefully inspected components for serviceability, repairing them as necessary and re-fitting them which is a lengthy process when they are almost 100 years old.

Want your car restored?

If you’re reading this story and thinking that your classic car may need a partial or full restoration then please get in touch. Call +44 (0) 1207 288 760 or email us.

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