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An icon for all ages... 28 January 2021

An icon for all ages...

Registered on the 21st of July 1965, this Austin Mini Cooper 970s was launched with Tarten Red with black roof exterior and Red and Gold/Grey Trim. Certified by the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust this is a perfect example of a classic Mini Cooper.

Built and dispatched in December of 1964, this right-hand drive, home market Austin-badged example is essentially a homologation special for participation in the 'up to 1000cc' class of international motorsport.

This particular 970S Mini Cooper is one of three rare models that were released; 970 cc, 1071 cc and 1275 cc.

History of the Mini Cooper

The Mark 1 Mini was produced between 1959 and 1967, it was sold under the Austin and Morris names.

The Mini was characterised with its sliding windows, external door hinges and “Moustache” grille. The Mini was and still is an icon of the automotive industry, the cars small body shell and clever packaging transformed the way car designers organised the engine and gearbox components.

Since its launch 61 years ago, the Mini Cooper has been subject to hundreds of combinations and designs. The final version of the “Classic Mini” was the Mark VII, prior to that there was the Mark VI, Mark V, Mark IV, Mark III and the Mark II Mini.

The Mark VII stopped going into production on October 2000, this not only signalled the end of the original Mini production after 41 years but it also brought the demise of the 1275-cc engine which had powered the Mini for more than 35 years.

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