Car Barn Drivers Club

What is Car Barn Drivers Club?

Established in 2022, Car Barn Beamish hosts a series of monthly events aimed at local car enthusiasts. Held on Thursday nights at the Red Row Estate, home of Car Barn, Aston Workshop and the Black Horse pub, our CBDC events put a twist on the standard car meet with each event having a unique theme ranging from detailing to dogs and everything inbetween. Since the Drivers Club started, our events have snowballed in popularity month after month, with over 200 sports, classic, modified and performance vehicles in attendance.

Car Barn FAQ's

How do I join the Car Barn Drivers Club?

The Car Barn Drivers Club is free to take part in, as is open to any enthusiast of sports, performance and classic cars. No subscription is required, and everyone is welcome to attend and take part in our CBDC meets.

When and where to the events take place?

The Car Barn Drivers Club meets take place once a month on a Thursday night starting at 5:30pm, hosted in the Car Barn showroom.

What's with the event titles?

All of our events have a unique theme, which could be centred around virtually anything! The basic format is always the same; our Car Barn Drivers Club events are free to attend car meets where enthusiasts can show off their pride and joy! The themes add some variation to each event with special activities and food unique every month.

Will there be food and drink offerings?

Our on-site 300 year old gastropub, the Black Horse, provide a custom menu for each event for guests to purchase from our showroom. For those wanting a wider range of options the pub itself is open and available for bookings during every event.

Are the events weather dependent?

We endeavour to keep our events on whatever the weather, and with plenty of hard standing parking available cars have plenty of places for cars even if it's raining. Any activities take place inside the showroom or in the Black Horse Beamish Orchard Marquee.

Car Barn Drivers Club 2024 Calendar:

Thursday 11th April - “The Grand Return”

Thursday 9th May - “Motorsport in May"

Thursday 13th June - “It's Caper Time"

Saturday 6th July - “Red Row Summer Festival"

Thursday 18th July - “Hot Cars and Hot Dogs 3"

Thursday 22nd August - “The Car Barn Trophy 2024"

Thursday 12th September - "September Sign-Off"

How do I get involved?

Participation in Car Barn Drivers Club events is free, simply turn up for the evening in your classic car, sports car, or supercar and enjoy the company of other enthusiasts around what has proven to be an interesting mix of cars and owners from the North East and further afield. To register for free with the Car Barn Drivers Club mailing list , please send an email to