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Bentley Service Specialist - Car Barn is an independent Bentley specialist based in the North East of England, County Durham also covering Newcastle. We have technicians which are Bentley experts and aim to offer outstanding service, repair and diagnosis correctly to the highest standards. 
Car Barn is a sister company to the well-established and world-renowned Aston Workshop, a company which has been maintaining, enhancing and caring for fine motor vehicles over 30 years.

Bentley motor vehicles require knowledge, time and patience to look after them correctly. Servicing and Maintaining your Bentley correctly is important to prolong its life and ensure there are no unexpected mechanical failures. Whilst your vehicle is with us we can offer a number of additional services from paint and body repair to alloy wheel refurbishment.

As an independent specialist we offer a unique experience. Neighbouring the garage is the Black Horse restaurant and hotel. Why not try our service and stay option? Drive up in your beloved vehicle. Hand over the keys. Enjoy yourself in the rolling countryside of Beamish. Rest and eat well in the Black Horse Beamish (packages provided by us at discounted rates). The next day drive home in your serviced vehicle. If this is of interest to you please contact us to arrange.

Wondering how much it costs to have your Bentley serviced with us? See our Bentley Service schedule below.

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  10,000/1st yr 20,000/2nd yr 30,000/3rd yr 40,000/4th yr 50,000/5th yr 60,000/6th yr Front Pads & Discs Rear Pads & Discs
Bentley Continental GT Servicing £390 £390 £390 £760 £390 £790 £690 £300
Bentley Continental GTC Servicing £390 £390 £390 £760 £390 £790 £690 £300
Bentley Continental Flying Spur Servicing £390 £390 £390 £760 £390 £790 £690 £300
Bentley Continental SuperSports Servicing £390 £390 £390 £760 £390 £790 £690 £300
Bentley Mulsanne Servicing £390 £520 £580 £520 £570 £740 £1400 £900
Bentley Bentayga Servicing £370 £490 £1050 £490 £690 £1050 £1500 £1300
Arnage Twin Turbo 6.75 T, R & RL £350 £450 £840 £460 £430 £1450 £1000 £700
Aranage Red Label £360 £410 £590 £410 £360 £660 £1000 £700
Arnage Green Label £360 £410 £610 £410 £360 £710 £1000 £730

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Covered in our service schedule are the following.  Oil change, oil filter replacement, pollen filter, air filter, spark plug replacement, wiper replacement, brake fluid flush, coolant flush, transmission fluid, fuel filter replacement, drive belt replacement.  Other vehicle specific items include brake flexi replacement, brake calliper seals and rear differential fluid.  Of course, in addition to this we carry out all standard service items from full health check to topping up all fluids and checking all pressures.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us. 01207 606120

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