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Restoration of any classic car takes time, dedication, and craftsmanship, each classic car has its own unique style and components which require attention to detail, unlike any modern car.

Before restoring any car, each vehicle is inspected for damages which could include rust, rot, structural problems, and component issues. All these problems will have to be taken into account ahead of any restoration. These issues could impact the scale of the restoration, which could either result in a partial restoration or full restoration.

If it is a full restoration from a body shell then there are usually four steps in the restoration process; strip and assessment, reconstruction, assembly, and test and finish.

These four steps allow a restoration team to thoroughly build the car up from the ground, in each step the team will consult with the owner about what specifications or style they desire. This understanding allows the team to craft the correct components for that car.

A restoration also varies on the type of vehicle and the initial base of the vehicle at the start of the whole restoration project.

Why should you restore your car?

Being able to express your individuality in a classic car is an exciting prospect, having the opportunity to bring to life a classic car and potentially restore the car to its former glory is a thrilling journey.

Whether you have a rusted body shell or a multi-million-pound project, restoring any car is a thoughtful process that allows any owner the opportunity to provide their own unique twist to their car.

You could just be looking to restore your car to roadworthiness and to be able to enjoy a beautiful summer's day or perhaps you see your classic car as a potentially lucrative investment that could be sold at auction.

In the current financial climate keeping your money in the bank yields very little reward, potentially investing in restoring a classic car could offer more return. Why not give it a go?

How to go about restoring my car?

To start any restoration process you need to have an idea of what you want the final outcome to look like. This will give you a base on how much you are willing to spend and what the timescale will be for this restoration.

As restoration specialists we are able to offer restoration advice and we have the capabilities to restore any car. Situated within a stunning facility, Car Barn have extensive industry knowledge that puts us at the forefront of classic car restoration.

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