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The first 911 “roof off” Targa was launched in 1965 instead of a full convertible as Porsche felt a convertible would not meet the US Federal safety regulations, but by 1981 Porsche moved forward with a planned droptop that became its first cabriolet since the 356 of the mid '60s. ? 

The Porsche Carrera Cabriolet was launched in March 1982 at the Geneva Salon and was an immediate success with the 1984 cars booked a year in advance.

This fantastic icon of the 1980s is surely one of the best classic cars available, particularly as we head into the long summer days ahead.

Steering is tight and direct, just point and shoot!

This clutch is light, with a natural pull into second as you accelerate. Recent work includes engine service and a new gearbox that’s smooth and crisp. Move from 3rd to 4th and the 3.2 burbles into life bringing a smile and inquisitive looks from passersby.

Equally at home having fun on a long stretch of B road or out on the motorway cruising effortlessly in 5th, wherever the mood takes you, you will always feel at one with this incredible machine. Throaty, comfortable, precise and with the top down and those summers rays, an absolute joy to drive.

As well as the following, this 911 also has a very intriguing history (see below):

•                915/67 5 Speed Manual Transmission?

•                Manual top

•                Heated, electric mirrors

•                Toad alarm system?

•                Spare key


??This late, right-hand drive manual 1983 built car was delivered on January 1st 1984 to a Mr Harrison of Edenhall, and subsequently documented through to its current fastidious local owner and collector who used this garaged car sparingly.

It has detailed service history and DVLA records.

There is an interesting story about David Bowie owning this car, and his name is recorded in the owners manual with a London address. However, there appears to be no DVLA evidence supporting these claims.

This mid 80s Carrera has real flair and certainly would be suitable for Mr Bowie thanks to the elegant Porsche pinstriped seats that compliment the Slate Blue exterior perfectly. Peter Morgan wrote in his 911 book that he thought it one of Porsches best interiors.

With a high performance “normally aspirated” 3.2 lire engine that has benefitted from an engine rebuild and full service records it is capable of 146 mph and around 27 mpg! Fun, usable and efficient.

Weighing in at 2,560 pounds (1,160 kg) it was 300 pounds lighter than the turbo making it very nimble indeed. 

This may, or may not have been Mr Bowie’s car, but one thing is for sure, it is an amazing proposition,  a usable classic that offers high performance without supercar costs, plus you can always pop Bowie’s very apt “1984” on the stereo and live the dream!

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