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Barn Conversions: Land Rover Defender 90 Part 2 22 February 2024

When we left things last week we were in the process of stripping the car down to its component parts. This week we are continuing this process. By this time the owner had decided to go for a new chassis and bulkhead as well as new suspension components. The first step was to refurbish the axles and giving the engine a full service.

To do this we needed to fully strip the car right down to allow us to essentially build the car again from scratch. The photographs show the bulkhead and rear tub being removed. We then removed the axles and the engine. 

The next part is to start making good some of the areas that just need repairing rather than replacing, you can see that the rear tub has had new metalwork fabricated and will be painted later on as part of the colour change process. 


Next week we will cover the restoration work completed on the original components while we waited for the new chassis to arrive.