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Barn Conversions: Land Rover Defender 90 Part 3 01 March 2024

In this week’s update about our Land Rover rebuild, we are starting the process of rebuilding and re-finishing various parts of the car.

You will see that now we had the engine out of the car, and we could start the process of making it good. Part of this was to fit a new timing belt kit, as we had found out that the owner of the car had a very close call! When we took the cover off, we found the belt just about hanging on and lots of debris from the belt around the pulleys. The owner thought this had recently been done so he was certainly very lucky it didn’t snap! We fitted a new kit, and various other new parts to the engine. Now it looks like new.

The axels were next to be worked one, getting treated to various new parts and again cleaned up ready to be fitted back to the car. Next week the chassis will arrive and then things really start to get interesting!